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Maine Clôtures produces gates and fencing that can be tailored to your requirements in aluminium, PVC finish, powder-coated or foiled PVC as well as screens and rails reputed for their stylish designs, quality and hard-wearing properties.


Maine Clôtures has been custom-making swing gates and fencing for more than 40 years. To be effective, this policy goes hand in hand with an on-time guarantee thanks to:

Our flexible production process which we have complete control over

Our locally organised sales network

Easy installation factored in right from the design stages

A tried and tested system with which we are now able, in addition to custom-designed dimensions, to offer a choice of styles and looks, such as for the INTUITIVE range.

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    13 Rue du Pas
    BP 7
    F-53300 Ambrières les Vallées
    Tél : +33 2 43 30 15 70
    Fax : +33 2 43 30 15 99

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